Please contact me for details of local workshops near Burford, Cotswolds UK.

I also run a regular term time workshop for a group of artists in Farnham; if you are interested in joining please contact me for further information. Workshops will recommence in the Fancy Loft, Farnham Pottery, Farnham in April 2021.

My aim is to offer sessions that are informative, non-intimidating and most of all enjoyable!  

Develop your personal individual approach and style by broadening your knowledge of technique & treatment of a subject (and maybe you'll be introduced you to a few artists you have not yet discovered). Hopefully sessions will inspire you to continue and practise in your own time and facilitate your personal artistic development.


Sessions are informal and purposefully small to ensure you enjoy quality instruction and direction. They may start with a demonstration, a discussion or clarification of any key learning points to consider before you embark on your own piece of work.   

Individual tuition and direction will then be offered and if appropriate to the session a critique towards the end. Lots of visual reference will be included to illustrate the sessions aims & objectives and to enrich both your artistic experience and broaden your exposure to how differently artists respond to their subject.


Art can often be exasperating especially when you fail to produce something to your satisfaction and feel that you have failed to achieve what you have set out to accomplish.  Often with very little instruction one can achieve significantly more and be surprised at what others see and admire in ones work or the aspects that they regard as a success.  Working in a group therefore can be very rewarding and fulfilling in itself and a source of learning and development providing encouragement and fuel for artistic growth.